Weapons and Firearms Crimes in Florida

Florida criminalizes numerous acts that involve the possession, purchase, or use of weapons or firearms.

Below are links to explanations for some of the most commonly charged weapons and firearms offenses.

Weapons Offenses versus Weapons Enhancements

It is important to note that this section only deals with weapons and firearms specific crimes. Meaning offenses that constitute separate crimes solely because a person improperly possessed, purchased, or used a weapon or firearm.

This should be distinguished from what are known as weapons and firearm enhancements.

Enhancements either increase the penalties for a crime or require minimum-mandatory prison sentences when a weapon or firearm is used in the commission of a crime such as aggravated assault, aggravated battery, robbery, and other violent crimes.

Florida's 10-20-Life Logo

The most commonly know weapons or firearms enhancement in Florida is known as 10-20-Life, which triggers minimum-mandatory prison sentences if a firearm is carried, discharged, or a person is shot or killed with a firearm while in the commission of certain violent crimes.

10-20-Life Minimum-Mandatory Sentences

  • Firearm carried; 10 year minimum-mandatory prison sentence.
  • Firearm discharged; 20 year minimum-mandatory prison sentence.
  • A person is shot or killed; 25 year minimum-mandatory prison sentence, up to life in prison.

Florida Law versus Federal Law

It is also important to know that both Florida law and Federal law apply to the purchase, possession, or use of certain weapons and all firearms.

Additionally, there are multiple Federal laws that criminalizes the purchase, possession, or use of a firearm even though Florida does not.

Gun Owners and Weapon Enthusiasts

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