My Defense Philosophy

Criminal Defense Lawyer Richard Hornsby

My ultimate goal is to obtain the best resolution that could be obtained by any attorney.

Where one attorney might have settled for a probation offer and another attorney might have won at trial or negotiated a dismissal; I strive to be the latter attorney, not the attorney who settled for the easiest and quickest resolution.

This philosophy is important for practical reasons beyond what you might initially consider.

A criminal plea can effect a client's immigration status, it can affect their driving record, subject them to enhanced penalties in future cases, make them ineligible to ever expunge their criminal history, and make every day transactions like renting a car or an apartment impossible. Most importantly, a plea could forever tarnish an otherwise stellar reputation.

And if actions speak louder than words, I believe my trial results and jury verdicts speak to how hard I fight for my clients.

I firmly believe that no innocent person should be afraid to exercise their right to a trial and I understand that the only way a person can do that is with the help of an attorney that they can depend on. Nevertheless, I also understand that the thought of a jury trial is terrifying to some, as the outcome can not be guaranteed.

So while I have a passion for the courtroom, I attempt to resolve every client's case without the need for a trial. To accomplish this, I analyze each case as if it will be tried to verdict, by investigating the facts, identifying all available legal defenses, researching the legal issues, and filing the necessary defensive motions.

This way, when the time comes for you to choose between a trial or a negotiated settlement, I want you to be able to make an informed and intelligent decision knowing that both your case and your attorney are ready for trial.

It is this philosophy that I believe separates myself from my peers and one that will bring you satisfaction if you should retain my services.

Richard E. Hornsby