Media Requests

Richard Hornsby is uniquely qualified to be turned to as a legal expert on matters concerning criminal justice in Florida.

Educated at the University of Florida College of Law, he also holds a Masters Degree in Criminal Justice from the University of Central Florida and is Board Certified in Criminal Law by both the Florida Bar and the National Board of Trial Advocacy.

Richard Hornsby has been quoted on a wide range of criminal justice topics by the Orlando Sentinel, Miami Herald, and People Magazine. Richard also served as the WESH 2 Legal Analyst during the Casey Anthony and Bob Ward Murder Trials.

Importantly, Richard Hornsby values the relationships he has developed with reporters, editors, and bloggers over the years and greatly appreciates the role the media plays in shaping the dialogue about Florida's criminal justice system.

As such, he has developed the following policies regarding media requests.

Media Requests as Subject Matter Source

Time permitting, Richard Hornsby will gladly make himself available as a source to reporters, media personalities, and community organizations who are in need of legal analysis or commentary on timely and important issues regarding the Florida criminal justice system and criminal or constitutional issues.

Richard Hornsby's only requirement for providing legal commentary or acting as a legal analyst is that any reporter, media outlet, or blogger who quotes Richard Hornsby link back to his website by hyper-linking his full name the first time it is mentioned in a report, story, or blog that is posted online.

Finally, Richard Hornsby also recognizes that reporters and media personalities have a job to do, and their agendas and goals regarding Florida's criminal justice system may not be consistent with his ethical or philosophical beliefs. In such cases, he will respectfully decline to comment.

Media Requests Regarding Current or Past Clients

It is Richard Hornsby's personal policy that he will not entertain or speak publicly regarding any current or past client. It is requested that any reporters seeking comment regarding current or past clients seek commentary from other sources, as any such inquiry will be respectfully declined.

Contact Criminal Lawyer Richard Hornsby

If you are interested in contacting criminal lawyer Richard Hornsby for a subject matter media inquiry, please call 407-540-1551 during business hours or call 407-625-4676 after hours.