Criminal Defense for Tourists and Foreign Travelers

Arrested while vacationing in Orlando, Florida? Or while visiting Disney World, Universal Studios, or Sea World?

Whether from another country or just another state, it is important that you hire a criminal defense attorney that can resolve your case without the need to return to Orlando.

And if you are foreign tourist, you need to know that certain crimes can make you ineligible to return to the United States or apply for United States citizenship one day.

Orlando criminal lawyer Richard Hornsby is well versed in immigration law and will work to resolve your case in a manner that avoids the immigration consequences caused by a criminal conviction.

How Richard Hornsby can help

While this may be your first time being involved in the criminal system, I have handled thousands of cases like yours.

In that time I have developed early-intervention methods that allow me to provide mitigating information to the prosecutor to possibly avoid charges or, if charges are filed, to minimize the degree of the formal charge.

The Importance of Early Intervention

While I have never met a prosecutor who did not think they had a strong case on paper. The initial arrest report is just the first step in the formal charging process.

However, in legalese, a police report is little more than a complaint alleging criminal conduct. Just because the complaint has been filed - it does not mean the prosecutor has to pursue charge against you.

So, in many cases, I can point out evidentiary problems in the complaint, identify exculpatory information, and provide affidavits from reputable witnesses. In doing so, I can persuade the prosecutor’s office not to file formal charges, or to file lesser charges than you were arrested for.

What if formal charges are filed?

Even if formal charges are filed, there is a good chance I can negotiate a resolution that will either result in your charges being dismissed or, alternatively, result in a resolution that will allow you seal your criminal record.

If formal charges are filed, we would have to resolve your case in one of the following ways:

Pretrial Diversion

Pretrial Diversion is run by the State Attorney and is usually reserved for first time, nonviolent offenders. The diversion program is similar to probation, in that you must report once a month to a probation officer, undergo random drug testing, complete community service, and are required to refrain from being involved in any criminal activity.

If you successfully complete the program, the formal charges are dismissed and you can truthfully state you have never been convicted of a crime.

Plea Bargaining

If your admission into Pretrial Diversion can not be obtained, the next best alternative, short of a trial, would be to negotiate with the trial division prosecutor. By emphasizing your lack of criminal history, I can usually obtain a resolution that results in minimal sanctions.

Most importantly, I can likely obtain a "Withholding of Adjudication;" which allows you to lawfully deny that you have ever been convicted of a criminal offense.

Jury Trial: When a plea is unacceptable

When all other legal defenses have been exhausted and you are unwilling to accept anything less than a dismissal, it is often necessary to present your case to a jury to prove your innocence.

Importantly, I conduct jury trials regularly and I have the experience to take your case to trial. I also welcome you to review the criminal case results I have obtained so that you can see the types cases I have tried and results I have obtained.

Contact Criminal Defense Attorney Richard Hornsby

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