Top 10 Reasons Casey Anthony will not Testify

10. She could pick up the phone to call 911 over some pesky protesters, but not when her daughter supposedly drowned? I don’t think so.

9. You wouldn’t want to testify either if Jose Baez or Cheney Mason hadn’t visited you in jail since June 12, 2011.

8. Cheney Mason is so close to death, blow flies are circling over his head.

7. What’s the rush to lock in her testimony now? There’s only a 99% chance of a reversal on appeal due to ineffective assistance of counsel.

6. You think its bad that Cheney Mason screwed up by letting your mother admit to accusing you of stealing from her, wait until the jury finds out you were convicted of Six Felony Check Fraud counts for stealing from your “best friend.”

5. Linda Drane Burdick, need I say more?

4. Standing next to your lawyer during a press conference after your’e indictment for First Degree Murder while wearing a “Help find Caylee Button” is never a good idea when you knew your daughter drowned four months earlier.

3. You wouldn’t want to testify either if you had Jose Baez as your attorney.

2. When your lawyer accused every witness before you of capitalizing on your daughter’s death, you too would be a wee bit concerned about how the jury would react to hearing the two of you cashed in for a cool $200K Dollars in blood money from ABC.

1. Jeff Ashton, Homey Don’t Play That!.

Author: Richard Hornsby

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  1. Who cares when Ms. Anthony is released. Pfffft!!!! As a parent, as a human being I am discouraged, appalled, shocked, offended, disgusted, horrified. But that’s life. As Casey Anthony and Jose Baez and company rake in the big money, I have to ask myself would it be worth it to me? Casey Anthony, IMO, is evil personified. Expect nothing less from her. I could consider that her defense team have sold themselves to the devil but must acknowledge that’s their job. The jury? I don’t get it. Life goes on. I’m still discouraged, appalled, shocked, offended, disgusted and horrified, but it’s beyond my control and I’m over it.

  2. Who cares when Ms. Anthony is released. Pfffft!!!! As a parent, as a human being I am discouraged, appalled, shocked, offended, disgusted, horrified. But that’s life. As Casey Anthony and Jose Baez and company rake in the big money, I have to ask myself would it be worth it to me? Casey Anthony, IMO, is evil personified. Expect nothing less from her. I could consider that her defense team have sold themselves to the devil but also must acknowledge that’s their job. The jury? I don’t get it. Yet life goes on. I’m still discouraged, appalled, shocked, offended, disgusted and horrified about this tragic case but it’s beyond my control and I’m now over it.

  3. This is OT but I wonder what all of you think about this. As everyone knows, trials are won or lost in jury selection. While I do think that Judge Perry is a stellar jurist, I believe that he rushed the jury selection process in a significant way. Because he is also the chief administrative judge his role and responsibilities encompass the financial constraints and considerations involved in the costs incurred with 2 weeks in Pinellas County. He also had to contend with the small window of time that he was allotted for use of their court room. Just as a comparable reference the Scott Peterson case took 11 weeks to seat the jury.

    I do wonder why 4 members of Casey’s jury have criminal records. Why would they be selected by the Prosecution? I do remember that they were running out of jury pool candidates and also the time deadline was fast looming. I do not place any blame on the Prosecution because I think that they’re hands were tied. I do think that it was very unwise for Judge Perry to have such an arbitrary deadline fixed for this most all important process.

    Here is the real Juror #3, she has a lot in common with Casey, they both like to write bad checks.

    Juror #3 said: “You can’t punish someone for something if you don’t know what they did.” “If someone gave us a piece of paper and put us in a room and told us to write down how Caylee died, we couldn’t do it.” “No one in America can say how she died.”

    Juror #3, it was NOT YOUR JOB to PUNISH Casey Anthony. It WAS your JOB to LISTEN TO THE EVIDENCE and USE COMMON SENSE. YOU were not handing down PUNISHMENT in this phase. Did you skim over the words “Caylee is Dead” on the Juror Instruction sheet?

    1. you’ve been watching too much Nancy Grace. It’s very very clear that what she meant was guilty=punish. You’ve very conveniently taken punish=sentence.

  4. I wish people would stop comparing this case to scott pettersen and oj simpson. In both of those cases, there was reasonable and realistic motive and prosecution theory of the crime. In Scott Petersen the defense suggested that Laci Petersen was kidnapped by either a satanic cult or someone who allowed her to give birth to a kid and then killed them both(while the medical examiner did not determine cause of death it did find cracked ribs and other injuries). This would be a completely far fetched and moronic variation of “one armed man” from the “fugitive”. In scott peterson case, his mistress testified that he had planned to spend christams with her and that he “lost” his wife before his wife disappeared and was found dead. Premeditation in that case was not a far fetched construct. In OJ simpson case, there was no dispute that the victims were murdered.

    In Casey Anthony case, the prosecution contended that she planned to kill a toddler 3 months in advance because she wanted to “party more”. She did not kill her back when she was an infant and she had a support structure and an active life (she had a fiancee and numerous boyfriends). It should be immediately obvious that one does not need chloroform or a 3 months conspiracy to kill a toddler. She could have simply used one of her hands and covered caylee’s mouth and nose and waited until caylee was dead. There was no cause of death AND no evidence of trauma to the body, no dna on the tape, the bag, no soil linking casey’s shoes to the forest where the body was deposited, no soil on the shovel, etc. According to Jeff Ashton, Casey Anthony (who barely graduated high school) was such a smart girl that she was able to create elaborate lies. She was so smart and such a diabolical killer that after planning her daughter’s murder for three months she did not plan what to do with the body? I mean, come on. The behavior of borrowing the shovel and then subsequently depositing the body in the forest would only confirm panic, and panic and premediated murder are not the best of friends.
    And what exactly did Casey anthony gain from killing her daughter? Her friends and her relatives would not stop asking for caylee and her boyfriend at the time did not have a problem with her (and let’s face it she was an adorable kid). Hell, Jesse Grund loved caylee.

    The prosecution theory of the crime in this case insults my intelligence.

    1. Prosecution theory did not insult my intelligence. Mothers, do and have killed their kids for a variety of reasons, even when mothers appear to be good(Susan Smith for example). The Prosecution motive was not just about partying, it was a variety of factors combined. Caylee was becoming more verbal which would soon expose the lies that Casey had so carefully created, the responsibilities of motherhood where conflicting with the social life she wanted to live (her friends were single, without kids, could travel and party at will). Also with the family being disfunctional and the grandparents working everyday, do you actually think they were/or wanted to be at Casey’s every whim to babysit while she went out to party… and that there would be no conflict between the grandparents and Casey over this?
      While I agree with you that the fact that Casey hurriedly dumped her daughter’s body in the woods, might indicate that it was paniced and not premeditated. There could be another explanation. Casey is an opportunist(shown by her lies and stealing), just because chloroform was looked up 3 months earlier does not mean that Casey had decided to kill at that time. If it was used to put Caylee to sleep more easily, over time Casey could have been fantasizing about how easy it would be just to put her daughter to sleep forever. Something someone said or did could have driven her to decide to do it (whether it be boyfriend, one of the parents, or even Caylee). Premeditation can be formed in seconds. It is easier to apply duct tape to a sleeping child and then just walk away for a time and come back to find her dead, than personally suffocating her with her own hands.
      Since the family buried their pets in the back yard (this info probably came from Casey herself since the defense used it) If Casey fantasized about killing her child, then she may have imagined that she would bury her in the backyard. When the deed was finally done, she quickly realized that digging a grave with a shovel was not going to be easy…that is when the panic would come in. She had to wrap up the body, put in the trunk and then figure out what to do. I think her jig was almost up with her dad & the gas can incident, she left quickly went around the corner and tossed the bag in the swampy woods. I think the bag tore/leaked as she hurriedly took it out of the trunk, leaving fluids which cased the smell that increasingly got worse.
      The circumstances of this case fit with homicide cover-up as opposed to an accident cover-up. I’ve been looking for any case/story involving an accident/cover up and I still haven’t found one. There is no need to cover up an accident.
      It wasn’t that Casey was extremely smart, she had time on her side. That’s why she asked her mother for one more day , maybe she would of fled then. At the time she had no rush to flee, her family didn’t know any of her new friends to be able to locate her. Cindy got lucky because the car was towed and Amy’s number had been in the car and Amy agreed to take her to Casey.

      1. The problem with the case is that nothing can be definitively proved. Can you prove Casey dumped the body? No you can’t since nothing links her forensically to the woods. The ONLY user of the duct tape according to Cindy Anthony on the stand is GEORGE ANTHONY and he is also the ONLY user pictured on video with a poster in the background.
        You can speculate, surmise or draw inferences but you can’t prove casey dumped the body or placed the tape or even that the tape was the cause of death. Bear in mind the medical examiner could not determine cause of death which means the jury should not be able to either, to do otherwise is to create higher level of precision than the evidence allows for.

        Do you really believe George and Cindy did not know what Casey was doing? Baez mocked those “imaginary friends” that had a tendency to die in horrible car crashes or from cancer. Of course her parents knew she did not work, the only reason they did not kick her out of the house is because of that kid if she killed the kid they would have no reason to keep her.

        According to the prosecution she killed her, tried to bury her in the backyard then drove around for a few days then dumped her in the forest. A premediated murderer would have dumped her body the same day which is not what happened according to even the prosecution.

  5. I agree wholeheartedly that it doesn’t look like premeditated murder. But who is covering up an accident to make it look like a homicide? It’s usually the other way around.

    One thing is established without doubt – Casey Anthony has no conscience and no empathy. Only person without conscience and empathy can watch her parents suffering for months along with hundreds strangers looking for Caylee. As a psychologist I am aware of phenomenon of denial and could be that it was her coping mechanism with what happened. This would explain why she was keeping the body in the trunk for days – certainly it wasn’t rational. BUT – at certain point unless she was psychotic the reality should break through and she could no longer deny – then we would see Casey broken down etc. To watch everybody looking for her daughter and not say anything – is a show of a really cold blood.

    We also know for sure that she had no love or respect for her little treasure.
    Harsh words, but let’s think straight for a moment – dumping body in a swamp to save my butt is not really expression of love and respect. This is utmost selfishness and murder doesn’t have to be proved to see clearly that she was thinking only about herself.

    My guess is that Caylee was killed in a fit of narcissistic rage. It was obvious that it wasn’t accident (for instance there were bruises on her body) so mother had to hide the body and was buying herself time with all this lies. She was hoping that body would never be found. As for defense strategy though it seemed ludicrous I understand that they had to explain somehow traces of human decomposition in the trunk – that’s how the whole idea of drowning incident came up.

    If she will become celebrity she would be horrendous epitome of the fall of Western civilization. But surely she would rather keep a low profile now. Almighty knows what happened and she will be judged when the time comes.

    1. Aliza
      July 8, 2011 at 9:07 am

      Your comment was so very interesting……I so hope you will make more comments I thoroughly was very interested in reading your article about Casey and what might come

  6. NancyB
    July 7, 2011 at 6:48 pm
    ………………Thank you so very much for that comment……….you were able to speak for me………I am still sooo very angry at the jury….your comments were right on……………especially with her criminal background…she saw a mirror of herself when looking at Casey right across from her….thinking that could be her on that side………..Now she is on TV and grabbing all the money she can…….don’t have to write any bad checks now!!

  7. I have been searching the internet for any case or news story (other than this one), where a parent or anyone has covered up an accidental death. Does anyone know of one? Please let me know if you do, I have yet to find one.

    I’ve found cases of a parent killing their child and claiming the death was some type of accident(child falling, child hitting their head). I’ve found cases of a parent killing their child and claiming their child was abducted. I’ve found cases where a parent killed their child(smothering) and claimed the child just stopped breathing (SIDs).

  8. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED this one:
    8. Cheney Mason is so close to death, blow flies are circling over his head.
    good one Richard ^5

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