An Open Letter to Web Sleuthers Everywhere…

Robyn Adams is a big fat liar!

Dear Web Sleuthers,

Hopefully you saw Fox 35 tonight when Shannon Butler broke the news that Robyn Adams is a liar.

I have all the jail calls for Adams, Benhaida, and Derkovic and now I need your help.

I need people to listen to the calls and then give a BRIEF synopsis of what each call contains.

There is 1 CD for Cecelia Benhaida who was incarcerated under the name Cecelia Holloway.

There is 1 CD for Maya Derkovic which is mostly in a language I do not recognize.

There are 4 CDs for Robyn Adams (over 800 calls) – 1 of the CDs is unreadable.

I need people to listen to the WAV files and report if there is anything Casey Anthony related or if it is just “drivel.”

So the purpose of this thread will be only for people who will agree to help and then for those people to post their findings here.

I will be releasing the download link at 11:00 a.m. tomorrow (need to give certain news stations I am friendly with a head start).

So if you are willing to help, be here at 11 a.m. tomorrow for the link which will be hosted at this forum on!

Author: Richard Hornsby

Orlando, Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer and DUI Attorney Richard Hornsby is Board Certified in Criminal Trial Law by the Florida Bar and represents clients throughout Central Florida in all criminal defense and DUI defense cases.

43 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Web Sleuthers Everywhere…”

  1. Going on the record here: YES – Casey murdered her child, the duct tape points premeditation. Richard, I agree with tonorthcourt, would be interested in how you arrived this was an accident, moreover, with ALL the evidence what did most of us miss?

    1. Kate,

      I have explained it many places elsewhere and I don’t have the energy to explain it again.

      I just am of the opinion that Casey used something like Xanax or chloroform to put Caylee to sleep while she was out and partying. I think she returned one night, Caylee would not wake up and she freaked out.

      While I agree the duct tape is a major hurdle, I think it could have been that she did that to “stage” a kidnapping.

  2. Richard,
    I have the deepest admiration for you…but I just have to ask this question: If she freaked out, she sure didn’t stay freaked out for long, did she? I think she and Tony Lazzaro rented a movie while Calee’s body was still in the trunk.

    I will never believe it was an accident. jmo

  3. A prominent Criminal Litigator Attorney friend stated to me in his darkest hour of defending a truly heinous murder, “Not a snowballs chance in Hades, do I think my client is innocent of the charges.” So I asked, why not convince your client to plead? The reply was NOT so cavalier, “It is my duty to provide the best defense possible”. So in saying that, I began to appreciate the dedication to his endeavor. The difference that I see here in the case against Casey is that the defense pandered, postured, and pissed away the best defense prior to Caylee remains discovery= Terrance L.

    The theory: duct tape was a contrived effort to “stage kidnapping” will/can be punched full of holes(if that is where they will hang their hat) and her ugly coping/diminished capacity, is a negative as well. The evidence points to something more sinister, and [burden] Prosecution will present the facts to support the premeditation. While I will concede only one point, and that is Casey is devoid of ANY emotion for the crime. Toasty, I concur this was not an accident, regardless of how some may infer. The evidence is overwhelming!

    Richard, appreciate the honesty, but duct tape/31 days suggest premeditation. Yes, I have read your opinion’s in various blogs, heard your rationale via radio/media. However, why ignore the forensics/DNA/timeline?

      1. You demand other people document their sources, yet when you were called out on WS to document your OWN sources proving YM had ‘invented’ stories and was generally incompetent, you refused to come back and respond.

        Please document one single case where you can PROVE (not just throw out wild speculation) that YM has ever botched a case or ‘invented’ stories.

      2. Metaphors are or so important. What generation hasn’t used one or several to communicate? In fact Casey & friends not only used “drug speak”, it was commonplace.

        Richard, I will provide you with the same resources that are available to everyone: “Discovery”. Having poured through many pages of documents, not only have I surmised the relevance ~ forensics/DNA/timeline provide, the logic supports premeditation!

        Devils Advocate I shall not play, not my forte. MExaminer. specially stated, duct tape “placed prior to death”, supporting the mandible, which incidentally would have otherwise separated. Of course, there are many for the reading to cite: perhaps some rebuttal that your source may dispute?

        1. ~~MExaminer. specially stated, duct tape “placed prior to death”, supporting the mandible, which incidentally would have otherwise separated.~~

          To clarify, the ME actually said that in her opinion the tape was placed prior to decomposition, NOT prior to death.

  4. evening Richard……

    In Caseys own letters she writes..I was moving out.. I was saving my money, (WITH MONEY SHE STOLE.) Buying new clothes, With money she stole. Left Caylee with the nanny at her home. Zanny =(Zannex)….The only thing she forgot to save was her DAUGHTER……but she packed her up…and threw her away like garbage………Baez better hope all twelve jurors are childless because I don’t see them getting past the 31 days that casey never reported her daughter missing………. As far as DNA Caylee was her DNA.

  5. Hornsby,

    You demand other people document their sources to prove no premeditation.

    Yet when you were called out on WS to document your OWN sources proving YM had ‘invented’ stories and was generally incompetent, you refused to come back and respond.

    Please document one single case where you can PROVE (not just throw out wild speculation) that YM has ever botched a case or ‘invented’ stories.

    1. First, I have never said he has “botched” case or “invented” stories. I have said he has made major errors in his investigative techniques and I believe his claim that Robyn Adams testified that Casey Anthony mentioned chloroform is gross negligence on his part.

      Q: I am sure the conversation went like this, did Casey Anthony ever mention something that would be consistent with using Chloroform to sedate Caylee.
      A: yes
      Q: Can you explain?
      A: Casey said she used to “knock out” Caylee, whatever that means.

      Also, as for documenting my sources, I did reply to that poster (you probably did not read my reply – but your answer is there).

  6. giving someone a drug like chloroform if given wrong could result in coma or brain damage……what if…. Casey gave Caylee enough of the drug to cause a coma and she was alive in the trunk for up to 2 days….. then passed away … would that not be considered premeditated first degree murder? those frantic phone calls to Cindy’s work could show.. in a backwards sort of way…. that Casey tried to seek help but failed …. then decided to leave Caylee in the trunk to die…. did not Casey try calling a medical hotline on the 17th or shortly after Caylee was last seen alive? If Caylee was alive but unresponsive in the trunk and did not seek medical attention at a hospital then that shows premeditation……

    1. What if Casey was telling the truth from the start and no one believed her “because she embellished some parts of it”

      Much like Yuri embellishing that there Cloro statement that never happened…

      1. Not one thing that Casey Anthony said from day 31 has been the truth. And I say day 31 because that how many days it took her family to realize that everything Casey Anthony told them during that 31 days was not truthful. That can be proven in her text message to Cindy.

        Yuri was going by a off the record statement made by a jail house snitch…. relating his conversations….
        But what is the difference between the Anthony’s demanding use immunity before they would give the State Atty depos and a jail house snitch?…. both parties want something in return for truthful statements….
        1) Brad Conway went on record to state he was seeking immunity for the Anthony before they would talk to the State Atty ….that too can be proven by his media cameos …..
        Whereas most law abiding grandparents would give truthful statements with no need for use immunity. Most family members would give their lives before they would hide, lie, and withhold evidence from LE and FBI that would help get the murderer off.
        2)Jail house snitches truthful statements can reduce their sentences where as a falsely given statement can and would lead to more time. Would someone serving a 10 year sentence have anything to gain from lying to the LE?

        I for one would believe a jail house snitch over Cindy Anthony….. they have less to lose for being truthful.

  7. Mr. Hornsby,
    Can you say with 100% accurancy that Casey Anthony’s conviction cannot be overturned by the fact that the LEAD council is not DP qualified?
    I just have a bad feeling that there is a motive for Mason asked Baez “underoath” if he was was the lead atty …. if there was a motive behind that statement could it be to have the sentence overturned based on Lead council not having the experince to try this case.

    below is from

    (f) Lead Counsel. Lead trial counsel assignments should be given to attorneys who:
    (1) are members of the bar admitted to practice in the jurisdiction or admitted to practice pro hac vice;
    (2) are experienced and active trial practitioners with at least five years of litigation experience in the
    field of criminal law; and
    (3) have prior experience as lead counsel in no fewer than nine state or federal jury trials of serious
    and complex cases which were tried to completion, as well as prior experience as lead defense counsel or
    cocounsel in at least two state or federal cases tried to completion in which the death penalty was sought.
    In addition, of the nine jury trials which were tried to completion, the attorney should have been lead
    counsel in at least three cases in which the charge was murder; or alternatively, of the nine jury trials, at
    least one was a murder trial and an additional five were felony jury trials; and
    (4) are familiar with the practice and procedure of the criminal courts of the jurisdiction; and
    (5) are familiar with and experienced in the utilization of expert witnesses and evidence, including but
    not limited to psychiatric and forensic evidence; and
    (6) have demonstrated the necessary proficiency and commitment which exemplify the quality of
    representation appropriate to capital cases, including but not limited to the investigation and presentation
    of evidence in mitigation of the death penalty; and
    (7) have attended within the last two years a continuing legal education program of at least twelve
    hours’ duration devoted specifically to the defense of capital cases. Attorneys who do not meet the
    continuing legal education requirement on July 1, 2002, shall have until March 1, 2003, in which to satisfy
    the continuing legal education requirement.

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