Will the Real Zenaida Gonzalez Please Stand Up!

Orlando criminal lawyer Richard Hornsby explores the multiple Zenaida Gonzalez conspiracy theories that abound in the Casey Anthony saga.

Okay unfaithful ones, I need to get a life.

So here I was watching Saturday Night Live (Google v. iPhone) when I noticed this post on the MarinadeDave blog: ALERT! Zenaida Myspace page logged into today!

Now, my first reaction was:

No shit, Zenaida’s got a MySpace page? She needs to get a life too. I mean who uses MySpace anymore?

But then I remembered that Casey Anthony had already ruined her life and that this Zenaida Gonzalez had hired The M-Team to clear her name. (Listen: The M-Team Intro)

Now aside from my continuing suspicions about whether The M-Team took on Ms. Gonzalez’s case out of the goodness of their hearts solely to clear poor little old Zenaida Gonzalez’s name (I am unaware of them donating any time to the Florida Innocence Project or helping people like James Bain, Leroy McGee, or Bill Dillon clear their equally valuable names), I thought this post needed some looking into.

And man was I reeled in, it was great – if Casey really set up this MySpace page, it provided proof of cold and calculating pre-meditation. But then I read the HinkyMeter and it appears this may be some elaborate hoax 🙁

Undeterred, I moseyed on over to WebSleuths and there it was like lights on a Christmas Tree: Is Casey the real Zenaida? This thread had Five Star ratings and all. I was hooked for about five minutes – and then I got a headache.

But around page 25 of the thread, I did come across some righteous conspiracy angles regarding the issuing of traffic tickets to both Annie Downing and Zenaida Gonzalez on May 24, 2008… (cue mystery music)

Now the first thing that came to my mind was:

“Well, I understand why that reporter called me on April 10, 2009 and asked me to look into this TicketGate.”

And so look is exactly what I did and (Spoiler Alert) while I did not find any real Casey Anthony link, I think I may have found a real juicy Cindy Anthony conspiracy theory – shall I explain?

As most of you guessed, the first thing I did was visit the Orange County Clerk’s website to look up both Annie Downing and Zenaida Gonzalez. To my amazement, there were tickets issued to them both on the same day – the plot thickens.

But wait, it appears that Ms. Gonzalez received not one BUT two tickets…

Now this second ticket was a criminal ticket (more on that later), so it must have been that dastardly Casey Anthony if it was a criminal ticket! She clearly was posing as Zenaida Gonzalez AND Annie Downing on the same day; or was she? Well, this is what inquiring minds want to know! (And National Enquiring minds too, I suppose.)

But before I go any further, I need to explain a little court procedure.

As I explained in a non-Casey Anthony post (Florida’s Uniform Case Numbering System) Florida utilizes a uniform case numbering system that utilizes a twenty character sequence that has five components (Boring I know, but necessary).

And so the case numbers assigned to the three tickets were as follows:

  • 48-2008-TR-104021-O; Annie L. Downing
  • 48-2008-TR-028407-W; Zenaida Gonzalez
  • 48-2008-CT-002378-W; Zenaida Gonzalez

As you may have noticed, the third and fifth components of the case numbers have some differences.

First, you probably notice that the third case number has “CT” in it. Well this tells people this is a Criminal Traffic offense and is technically a misdemeanor, just like a battery or petit theft. The “TR” stands for traffic infraction and is civil in nature. An important distinction is also the manner in which they can be resolved: a traffic infraction can be paid, a criminal traffic offense requires a mandatory court appearance.

Second, you may have noticed that the first ticket ends in “O” (as in Orange) and the second two end in “W” (as in West). This last letter is used by the Orange County Clerk of Court to designate which courthouse the tickets are to be handled at if they are contested.

So all cases that end in “O” are resolved at the downtown Orange County Courthouse and all tickets that end in “W” are resolved at the Ocoee Courthouse Annex, which also happens be the western most courthouse building in Orange County. If the tickets had ended in “E,” they would have been resolved at the Winter Park Courthouse Annex, which also happens to be the eastern most courthouse building in Orange County (coinkydink, I think not).

So now we know that Ms. Gonzalez’s second ticket was both a criminal case and was to be resolved at the Ocoee Courthouse. And there is one other interesting thing that many people don’t know, the courthouse where the case is resolved is the courthouse that maintains the court file (for at least two years) – this will be important for later.

So with this information in hand I then went to the downtown courthouse to see what I could get on Ms. Downing’s case. I was informed by the Clerk that the original ticket no longer existed because it had been imaged. So of course I had the nice lady print me out a copy: (PDF: Annie L. Downing; 48-2008-TR-104021-W).

Interestingly, the Clerk was also able to print me out a copy of Ms. Gonzalez’s traffic infraction. (PDF: Zenaida Gonzalez; 48-2008-TR-28407-W).

Now the ticket itself provides me with very little information, but it did tell me that Ms. Gonzalez did not have a Florida  Driver License number (which explains her criminal ticket of No Valid Driver’s License) and I was intrigued by the way the ticket was signed – Zenaida Gonzalez C.

Now at this point you have noticed that I was unable to unearth any information on the criminal case; but all was not lost unfaithful ones – for I was undeterred and drove my happy ass down to the Ocoee Courthouse Annex.

And sure enough I was able to finagle my way into the file room and what should I find… None other than a video of Casey Anthony pretending to be Zenaida Gonzales!!!

No, really what I found was the court file for Ms. Zenaida Gonzalez (PDF: Zenaida Gonzalez; 48-2008-CT-2378-W). And after reviewing the file, I quickly realized this Zenaida Gonzalez had absolutely nothing to do with Casey Anthony or these cases.

It reveals that when Ms. Gonzalez was stopped, Officer Allen was unable to communicate with her because she spoke Espanol (Go figure!). As a result, he called Officer Narvaez who does speak Spanish. Officer Narvaez then issued Ms. Gonzalez two tickets:

  1. A civil ticket for Failure to Yield and
  2. A criminal ticket for Driving without a valid Driver License.

Ms. Gonzalez then appeared for court on June 11, 2008 and lo and behold, she still had not mastered the English language. So she signed a Spanish Plea Form and plead Nolo Contendere. The Court then Withheld Adjudication of Guilt, fined her $100, and imposed court costs. Ironically, the court issued her a Notice of Fine and Fees as well as her sentencing disposition in English! No wonder she did not pay her court costs on time.

So, it appears that this Zenaida Gonzalez had nothing to do with Casey, or did she?

Well, ye unfaithful may remember Cindy Anthony’s civil deposition with The M-Team. And if you remember correctly, there was a lot of ruckus about “C. Zenaida Gonzalez.” (WESH: Casey Anthony’s Parents Questioned In Civil Suit.)

The main contention was about the significance of the name C. Zenaida Gonzales appearing on the Sawgrass Apartments log. I assume this is important because Casey clearly told Lee Anthony that the nanny’s name was Zenaida Fernandez Gonzalez.

And I think Cindy’s point was that if The M-Team’s “Zenaida Gonzalez” signed her name C. Zenaida Gonzalez, there would be no way for Casey to know that her full name was really Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.

So what is my point to all of this nonsense – that it is just that, nonsense.

For once in my life, I find myself agreeing with Cindy Anthony; meaning that there was no way for Casey Anthony to extrapolate that the “C. Zenaida Gonzalez” who signed the Sawgrass Apartment log was actually The M-Team’s “Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez.”

And the reason I believe her is because:

  1. Casey Anthony is a liar, liar, pants on fire! and

No, Casey Anthony’s Zenaida Gonzalez is none other than a Zanny Bar otherwise known as Xanax!

That is right:

  • There is no real Zenaida on MySpace that is linked to this case,
  • There was no super sleuthing by Casey to figure out that C. Zenaida Gonzalez was actually Zenaida Fernandez-Gonzalez,
  • Nor is the Zenaida Gonzalez C. who was ticketed on the same day as Annie Downing linked to this case.

Nope these conspiracy theories are giving me a headache.

Why doesn’t Casey Anthony’s real Zenaida Gonzalez please stand up?

Author: Richard Hornsby

Orlando, Florida Criminal Defense Lawyer and DUI Attorney Richard Hornsby is Board Certified in Criminal Trial Law by the Florida Bar and represents clients throughout Central Florida in all criminal defense and DUI defense cases.

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